Un filmuleţ-icoană absolut extraordinar, care prilejuieşte cunoaşterea Fecioarei Maria prin chiar spusele Ei, transmise printr-o sursă care nu lasă urmă de îndoială, prin multitudinea de martori care au asistat. Un filmuleţ-mărturie mai valoros decât toate filmele din lume puse laolaltă. Sunt doar 8 minute. Merită să arunce un ochi, chiar şi numai de intelectual curios, chiar şi ateii.


Câteva aspecte extraordinare derluate în acest filmuleţ (înregistrate în 1982):

1. „Voi face vizite mai des în casele fiecăruia, pentru că puţini oameni se mai duc la Biserică să se roage cu adevărat”

2. În vedenia ei, tânăra stigmată atinge prin rochia largă un picior al Maicii Domnului şi simte efectiv carnea moale.

3. Mesajul este extraordinar de simplu şi direct privind soarta icoanei făcătoare de minuni: „scoţi o piatră de lângă casă şi pui icoana acolo”.

4. Punctul culminant al filmuleţului începe la minutul: 2.30. Am transcris mesajul direct al Maicii Domnului din vedenie (care în documentar apare în limba engleză):

„(2rd part of the documentary “The miracle of Damascus”, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary as they have shown to the Christian messanger and stigmata, the Syrian Myrna Nazzour). My children, remember God, because God is with us. You know everything and yet you know nothing. Your knowledge is an imperfect knowledge. But one day you will know everything as God knows me.  Do good to evil do-ers.  Do not treat anyone badly. …I gave you more oil than you asked for and yet I shall give you something much stronger than oil…Repent and believe. Remember me when you are happy.  Announce my Son, Emanuel! He who announces Him is Saved.  He who does not, his faith is in vain.  Love one another. I am not asking for money to be given to the churches, nor to be distributed to the poor. I ask for love. Those who distribute their money to the churches and to the poor but do not have Love, are nothing. I shall visit homes more often, because those who go to church very often they do not go to pray. I am not asking you to build a church for me, but a shrine.  Give. Do not deprive anyone who asks for help. … Make a neesh (nişă?) outside the house. Take out one stone and put me in it….  (another monolog, in another situation, some time later: days or months, 3rd part of the documentary) My children, this is between you and me.  I came back here. Do not insult the proud people who have who have no humility (smereni). The humble (cei umili, smeriţi) is thirsty for the remarks of others to correct its faults. Where as the coruptant arogance neglects, revaults and becomes hostile. Forgiveness is the most preferable thing. He who pretends to be pure and charitable before man is impure before God.  I have a request to ask of you:  learn this prayer, engrave it in your minds and repeat it always: <<God saves me, Jesus enlightens me, The Holy Spirit is my life (light),  I am not afraid!>>  Is that not so my son, Jospeh? (adressess to a priest known to the messanger-stigmata). Endure and forgive, and you are (still) much less than what The Father endured…(another monolog, in another situation, some time later: days or months) My children, my missions has come to an end. In this night the angel told me: blessed are you among women. I could nothing except <<I am the handmdae of the Lord>>. I am happy. I am not worthy to say your sns are forgiven, but my Lord has said it! Establish church. I did not say <<Build a church!>>. The church with Jesus adopted is One church, because Jesus is One. The church is God’s kingdom on earth. He who divided it has sinned. He who is happy in this divisons has also sinned. Jesus established it. It was very small. When it grew it became devided. Whoever devided it has no Love. Be united! I say to you: <<Pray, pray, pray!>> How beautiful are my children when kneel and implore! Do not be afraid. I am with you! Do not be fragmented like the elders! You shal teach generations: unity, love and faith. Crave (imploraţi, râvniţi) with the inhabitants  of Heaven and earth…(another monolog, in another situation, some time later: days or months, after the messanger became also a stigmata, the 3rd part of the documentary). Do not be afraid (of the signs of stigmatizations). All those happened so that the name of God will be glorified. Do not be afraid. Through your example I will educate my generation. …(in another vision, same 3rd episode). Go down and tell them that you are my daughter before being their daughter!…My heart is consumed for my unique Son. It will not be consumed for all my children!…(in another vision, same 3rd episode) That is all I want. I did not come to separate. Your married life just stays as it is.  Would you like to come to me? Come! It’s a …that you are willing to come!  …(another monolog, in another situation, 1984, 5th episode) This is beetween you and me, until the moment of your death! Live your life, but life should not stop you from praying! …(another monolog, in another situation, 1984, 5th episode, later on) I will take your eyes! ” (another monolog, 1984, 5th episode, later on, after loosing and regaining physical eye vision) My children, be united! My heart is wounded (rănită)! Do not allow my heart to be devided because of your divisions! My daughter, I will grant you a gift for your fatigues! (a gift that will show to be a child after almost 5 years of marriage) (Damasc, 1982-1984)

(Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOx_xBSn1Rk&feature=related ; Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpUpgf8Ui1E&NR=1 ; Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjDimDM_HEo&feature=related; Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhYQ_wNBauw&feature=related; Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp9IguRGC8w&feature=related, pentru părţile 7, 8, … până la 23 vezi Youtube)


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